There is Something I Think You Should Know

While I know and feel God’s love now, I also know what it is like not to. It can be hard to understand (and believe) that there is one who loves us more than all we will ever know.

What Stops You From Letting Your Light Shine?

I had the pleasure of reading a book recently by Matthew Kelly, entitled Resisting Happiness. We attended Mass at my mom’s parish after Christmas and it was handed out there. It was excellent! I highly recommend it and I am quite certain that I will refer to it in future blog posts. The book really…

Let Us Love and Encourage One Another!

Yesterday, while picking up a prescription for one of my boys, I overheard an exchange between a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Tech. As the Pharmacy Tech was looking up the prescription I needed, she turned to the pharmacist next to her and said, “So what are you doing for your birthday tomorrow? I know your…

Feeling Like an Outcast in God’s Family

You know that feeling you get, whether it is a big event, a meeting, or even just a conversation within a small group, when you suddenly think: “What am I doing here? I don’t really belong. I don’t quite fit it.” When I find myself in those situations, it feels a little awkward and uncomfortable….